Custom Home Building

At its very core Hickson Construction is a custom Home Builder, and when we say Custom we mean Custom! Most of our customers come to us with nothing more than an idea. We take these concepts and with the help of one of our designers turn it into your very own unique home plan.  

The Difference 
When you stop and think about who your builder is, he is basically someone who manages and facilitates the construction of your home.  While he may have a crew of workers that perform some of the tasks on your home (as Hickson Construction does) by and large most of the people working on your home will be subcontractors.  So in reality we as a builder are truly only as good as the people we put on your job, and the level of quality we demand from them. Rest assured we are committed to using only the best craftsmen in the business, not the ones with "rock bottom" prices, not the ones who won't be around in five years...The Best.  Many of our subcontractors we have worked with for over 25 years, and 95% of our subcontractors are based right here in Volusia County.  Sometimes this can make us more expensive than our competition, but we are better for it. 

The Process:

Step 1 – PreconstructionBeaufort

This consists of Design, Contract negotiation, Demolition if necessary, Surveys, and Permitting.

Step 2 – Preparation

Clearing of the Land, Fill Dirt, Site Work/Grading, Rough Plumbing, Footings/Foundations/Slab

Step 3 – Rough Framing/Block Work

Depending on the type of home being built this is when the Block/Frame/ICF walls are erected, interior walls framed, and roof systems built.

Step 4 – Interior Roughs

At this point the rough shell of your home is compete and dried in.  This is when the Plumber, Electrician, Gas and HVAC contractors install their rough equipment in the walls of your home. 

Step 5 – Exterior/Roof

While the tradesmen are working on the inside of your home, work will also be done on the exterior.  Windows and Doors will be installed, followed by Lap siding or Stucco installation. At this time we will also be working on your roof whether its metal roofing, shingles, or tile. 

Step 6 – Interior

After the roof is complete and trades done inside, it’s time for insulation, then drywall, drywall texture, and wall primer.

Step 7 – Trim and Millworks       

Now it is time for interior finishes.  Flooring, Cabinetry, Countertops, Trim work, such as crown molding, built-ins, interior doors, and staircase are completed at this time.

Step 8 – Interior Paint

Step 9 – Trimouts

At this time subcontractors come in for their Trim out stage.  Plumbing fixtures are installed, light fixtures hung, and your HVAC units set. 

Step 10 – Substantial Completetion/Punchout

This is when all of the finishing touches are done on your home.  Hardware installed, paint touchup taken care of on the inside.  On the outside of your home irrigation has been installed and landscaping/sod is close to being complete. 

Step 11 – Job Completion

Final job cleaning is done, final inspections passed, and Punch list from owner is received.

  • This should be used as a rough guideline to the construction process, although sometimes certain circumstances cause a deviation from this schedule.

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